We'll make your business shine.

We’re about taking your ideas, your dreams and your concepts and making them real.

We'll put you in the spotlight.

We shine the light on your business’ full potential and let the world see what you have to offer in full, stunning colour. 

We'll illuminate your business' potential.

We give you access to the highest-calibre media and marketing specialists – all of whom are experts in their respective fields.

We offer the brightest and the best.

With specialists in mainstream print and electronic media as well as cutting-edge digital and social technologies, we hit the mark, every time.


But what does it take to make your business shine above your competitors?

Bright Light Marketing is a boutique marketing and advertising firm based in Mackay, QLD, with a client base spanning the length and breadth of regional Australia.

For more than two decades, Karen Thompson and her team of talented media and marketing professionals have delivered a tailored and high-quality approach to effective and targeted message dissemination.

Through strategic partnerships and engaging experts who specialise in the many diverse and complex facets of mainstream, digital and social media platforms, we can guarantee the delivery of a tailored, bespoke package and strong, tangible outcomes.


Are you ready to work with industry leading experts?

At Bright Light Marketing, we offer a comprehensive range of traditional and digital marketing, and advertising services with independent, personalised advice designed to achieve the highest quality results for our clients. We provide a full suite of strategic services focused on delivering success with each and every campaign.


Want to see what all the fuss is about?

We know each business is unique and each has their own set of requirements. At Bright Light Marketing, we work closely with our clients to satisfy their needs and showcase to their audience what it is they do best. Our portfolio covers just a sample of our work across the gamut of industries we serve.

Teamwork makes the dream work | Bright Light Marketing


Are you looking for an agency committed to achieving maximum results?

Our clients can be assured of a top-tier level of service, industry best practice and exceptional outcomes. At Bright Light Marketing, we measure our success by how well our clients are able to achieve their marketing or advertising goals. We’d love for you to read the testimonials from our current and past clients.

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6 Social Media Best Practices for Small Businesses

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