This month we are shining the light on allied supplier, Hansen Media, a Mackay local media production company owned and operated by industry veteran, Vaughn Hansen.

Mackay Media Production specialist, Vaughn has worked in the media production industry for over 30 years. He spent the first 28 years of his professional career as a creative director for Seven, where he produced and directed hundreds of live to air shows, as well as Local News, Quiz Shows, Kid’s Shows, Sports Shows and so much more. During this time, he also directed and produced a handful of documentaries as well as thousands of high-end TV ads.

Over the past few years, he has post-produced several documentaries including The Face of Change, Rescue 412 and Days of Destruction.

Karen at Bright Light Marketing has worked with Vaughn for quite a few years on various projects, and now that he has started Hansen Media, we use his services for any local Mackay media production we require, as well as recommending him to clients.

His cinematography and postproduction along with his mind for creating great ideas and concepts, and bringing them to life makes for a winning combination.

Get in touch with Vaughn today

Website – hansenmedia.com.au

Phone: 0437 556 350

E-mail: [email protected]


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